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Volume 2, Issue 3 (September, 2022) –

Cover Picture: Herein, we propose a versatile “functional modular assembly” strategy for customizing MOFs that allows installing the desired functional unit into a host material. The functional unit could be switched according to different applications. MOF-808, a highly stable Zr-MOF containing dangling formate groups, was selected as a host material for demonstration. Functional molecules with carboxyl connectors can be directly inserted into MOF-808 to form functional modular MOFs (FM-MOFs) through single substitution, while for those without carboxyl connectors, a pre-designed convertor was grafted firstly followed by the functional molecules in a stepwise manner. A series of tailor-made FM-MOFs were generated and show excellent performance toward different applications, such as adsorption, catalysis, fluorescent sensing, electrochemistry, and the control of surface wettability. On the other hand, the functional units on the FM-MOFs can switch freely and completely via full interconversion, as well as partly to construct multivariate MOFs (MTV-MOFs). Therefore, this strategy provides a benchmark for rapid customization of functional MOFs for diverse applications that can realize the rapid modular design of materials.
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