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44th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry

Time and Venue: August 28, 2022 - September 2, 2022 | (Rimini, Italy)

About: The 44th edition of "The International Conference on Coordination Chemistry - ICCC", one of the most important scientific events for the international chemical community, will take place in Rimini (Italy) from August 28th to September 2nd 2022. The event, organized by the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society, seeks to bring together all the most modern and dynamic components of the global chemical community working in the wide and vital field of coordination chemistry. The Conference themes will play the leitmotiv of Coordination Chemistry. From coordination compounds synthesis and characterization to their exploitation in a wide range of applied fields such as: activation of small molecules, magnetism, luminescence, catalysis, metals in biology and medicine, diagnosis and therapy, materials for energy applications and green processes, materials for optics and electronics, theoretical modelling and metal ion sensing. Accordingly, ICCC2022 will be organized as a multisession conference with 8 different topics scheduled over the five conference days.

ICCC2022 will attract leading authorities in each field, who will share their knowledge and expertise as Plenary Lecturers, Keynote Lecturers, and Invited Lecturers. Then, the conference program will schedule more than 500 oral slots to ensure a diversified and high-level scientific dissemination among the attendees.
More details are available at the official conference website. We are looking forward to welcoming in Rimini next summer.

Website: https://www.iccc2022.com/

International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Science

Time and Venue: April 28-30, 2022 | (Dubai, UAE)

About: The theme of the “International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Science (ICCS 2022)” is “Advanced Research and Techniques on Catalysis and Chemical Science”, which provides the unparalleled opportunity to explore the techniques of Catalysis. The program includes Plenary lectures, Keynote presentations, Oral presentations, Poster presentations, Workshops, Symposia, and Panel discussions.

ICCS 2022 creates an international forum for Professors, Academics, Researchers, Scientists, Chemical Engineering Professionals, and Business Entrepreneurs from all over the world to discuss the latest issues related to Catalysis and Chemical Science. ICCS 2022 provides the right stage to present the recent research on catalysis leading to complex molecules, molecular catalysis, heterogeneous applications, green chemistry, organometallic catalysis, and the use of catalysts for chemical engineering.

Website: https://irisscientificgroup.com/conferences/catalysis-and-chemical-science/home/

The 3rd Advances in Green Chemistry Conference

Time and Venue: September 26-30, 2022 | (Poznań, Poland)

About: The third edition of AGChem enters a completely new scientific level, which provides the opportunity to both present the results of research and establish new cooperation in the international chemical arena. This conference is a place where young scientists from Europe conducting fundamental research, as well as those who implement already developed technologies, will have a chance to meet. AGChem 2022 combines the complementary essence of modern science: basic research, application searching, technology development, and the implementation of new solutions.

Website: https://agchem2022.com/

Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum

Time and Venue: May 23-25, 2022 | (London, UK)

About: Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum is organized by Continuum Forums and will be held from May 23-25, 2022 in London, UK. We are glad to announce that we have an opening plenary lecture from the Nobel Laureate Professor Richard Royce Schrock in our Forum. ChemCat-2022 anticipates a worldwide audience of delegates including distinguished speakers, researchers, students and medical and industry professionals to come together on a global platform to share their current research ideas and technological advancements concerning Chemical Engineering and Catalysis.

The mission of ChemCat-2022 is to foster and support growth and advancement of Chemical Engineering and Catalysis as the foundation from which different fields of Chemistry, Molecular Biochemistry, Biology and several other interdisciplinary fields derive their basic ideas and techniques. We hope this forum will help you stay at the forefront in your quest for new knowledge in these sciences for the advancement of human welfare.

Website: https://www.continuumforums.com/catalysis-conference/index.php

Previous conferences

The 20th National Congress on Catalysis of China

Time and Venue: October 15-20, 2021 | (Wuhan, China)

About: The 20th National Congress on Catalysis of China (NCC) will be held in October 15-20, 2021, Wuhan, China. The NCC is the largest conference on catalysis in China, which is held every two years since 1981 with usually more than 2,000 participants. The online abstract submission opens now and the deadline for submission is July 18, 2021.

Website: http://20ncc.mzpco.com/

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