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Postdoctoral Recruitment| Research group of Prof. Chen Wang

Published on: 15 Nov 2022 Viewed: 348

School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, East China Normal University

Prof. Chen Wang

Prof. Chen Wang joined the School of Chemical and Molecular Engineering of East China Normal University as a researcher in November 2021 and was awarded the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars by The National Natural Science Foundation Committee(Overseas) in 2021. In addition, she was selected as one of the "Double-hundred Program" of East China Normal University and one of the "Zijiang Outstanding Young Researchers" of the Shanghai Overseas High-Level Talent Introduction Program.

From 2012 to 2017, Doctor of Science, Department of Chemistry in Tsinghua University, and was supervised by Prof. Guang-Tao Li.
From 2017 to 2021, Postdoctoral research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, with co-supervisor Academician Itamar Willner.

Up to now, Prof. Wang has published 40 articles and 20 of which were published as first/co-first author, including Nature Catalysis (2),Nature Communications (1),Journal of the American Chemical Society (2),Chemical Society Review (1),Chemical Science (3),ACS Nano (1),Advanced Functional Materials (2) etc.

Prof. Wang's group is dedicated to developing dynamic interactions between molecules and designing bionic functional materials with spatial dynamic and adaptive properties for biocatalysis and biomedical applications.

Required Qualifications:
1. PhD or successful completion of PhD in 2023, with preferred background related to organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, DNA, etc.;
2. have published high level SCI papers as first author in the last three years;
3. good interpersonal skills and team spirit, hard working, practical and responsible;

1. Salary and remuneration are in accordance with the relevant regulations of East China Normal University for postdoctoral students. And the selected candidates will be supported to apply for the National "Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Support Programme", Shanghai "Super Postdoctoral Programme" and the "Excellent Postdoctoral Programme" of university. "The selected candidates will be recommended to apply for the "Guang Hua" Excellent Postdoctoral Program of East China Normal University (annual salary 400,000RMB);
2. The university will provide Social Insurance and Housing Provident Fund according to the standard of similar staff in the university;
3. Go through the procedures of renting the postdoctoral flat according to the relevant regulations of university, and the postdoctoral staff will enjoy the university's relevant policies (such as transfer of residence and enrollment of children).

Application Procedure:
If you want to learn more, please click the link to visit https://www.x-mol.com/groups/chen_wang
Please provide the following required materials:
Curriculum Vitae (Job position + name)
Email: cwang@chem.ecnu.edu.cn
WeChat: ChenWang-THU

Chemistry majors interested in scientific research are welcome to apply for postgraduate (master, Ph.D.) and research assistants in this research group.

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